A potent opportunity to take a quantum leap in opening to life and the unfolding of the Self

Opening to Life

The Unfolding of the Self

Summer 2023

28th July to 11th August

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.

Anais Nin

The Mill Retreat Centre

A beautiful and peaceful centre amongst tranquil rivers, lakes and grounds


Moulin de Breteuil, Route Treport, D316, 80430 Lafresguimont-Saint-Martin, France

The Course

Opening to Life is a response to the fundamental human yearning to be as we are; a natural longing for what we might describe as ‘present being’. Awareness plays a pivotal role in responding to this call. It can also be extrapolated that awareness is the pivotal function that will allow for the possible evolution of human consciousness.

As awareness dawns, space opens to simply witness, not only the beautiful, but that which has been held in a web of thoughts, opinions and judgements. This simple seeing yields deep insights and offers an opportunity for letting go of what is no longer useful. This ‘awareness’ to which we are pointing is not a doing, but is rather a function of being. It is through awareness that we are opening to life and allowing our indwelling teacher, our true Self, to presence. 

For this course, we are fortunate to be in a beautiful lakeside country setting with river running through.  As we are at a mill, a leat runs under and through the dwelling that will be our home-base.  This flowing water and rural environment, together with quality natural food meals, adds a conducive physical container for holding our deep dive into opening to life and our possible evolution.                                                                                       

Our programme will begin with an opening session on the first evening, followed by ten full days of sequential curriculum consisting of activities such as group process, meditation, dialogue, games, body and breathwork, as well as hiking, swimming and whatever extemporaneously occurs.  We will complete with three and one-half days of “living the work” in community.

Evan Root

Is it for me?

We invite you to take a quiet moment, relax deeply, and tune into your inner listening. If you are feeling a call to engage with this course or if you have any questions or considerations you would like to explore with a person on the organising team, please call or email us. We will be more than happy to have a conversation with you.

Energy is released when an unequivocal move is made from and for your true, deep Self. Participating in the Opening to Life course is an investment capable of yielding a lifetime of benefit, and it begins when you enrol.


Course Facilitation

Evan Root will be our course facilitator.  Evan has more than four decades’ experience working with, as well as giving trainings in, emergent process facilitation.  He has consulted and facilitated on three continents in a wide range of environments including prisons, large and small businesses, government and charitable organisations, and most centrally through gatherings, courses, and meetings for individuals who feel drawn to participate.  The assistants on this course each have 20 or more years’ experience working with Evan.

Wholesome Meals

Awareness, as it relates to food and its selection, preparing and eating, is an integral part of our course.  Our meals will be wholesome, balanced and principally vegetarian.  Our cooks will be Françoise Auvray and her assistant Philippe Enée.

Françoise participated in a similar long course with Evan, and is well acquainted with the needs and flexibility required for our programme.  For many years she has both cooked and taught cooking at the Concord Institute in London where food for transformational work is emphasised as a core feature.  She and Philippe are based at an organic farm-kitchen also in in Normandy.

The Organising Team

The opportunity that is inherent in this course exists and is available thanks to the inspiration and commitment of a group of people who have had the opportunity to participate in a short course with Evan at the Concord Institute in London.  

Our enthusiasm to share this work, as well as to further the exploration within ourselves by participating in a long form curriculum has moved us to rent a beautiful residential venue and make this deep dive possible.  This is not a course for which an interested person can say … next time.  If you are moved to attend, we encourage you to act on your intuition and take up this opportunity.

– The Team 


Up there with the greatest experiences of my life, unimaginable before, unforgettable after.


By taking the step to accept all of myself and allow the love to flow into the places once hidden, an additional flow of universal energy has become available.


Dormant skills I didn’t even know I had have awakened within me, and I have been able to step up to the new challenges. I now feel a potent way of being that comes with sensitivity and powerful intuition. This has given me increased insight into arising situations and freedom in communication. What’s really great is that I don’t need to remember something from a course. I know what I need to know in the moment from within myself. and this allows me to be very present with what is needed in a situation.


Healing came from unexpected quarters. From experiences of great simplicity came the most profound awareness, which initiated the restoring of a sense of trust in myself, in other people, and in the universe. It was a powerful experience in Carlos Castanedaʼs sense of seeing: The course continues to extend into my daily life. It has, in some ways changed everything.


For me, it was unlike anything else I have ever done. It has opened new inner potentials that were before unimagined, but which are now manifesting in daily life. I cannot emphasise enough the value of the experience to me. Anyone with any interest in this at all should embrace the opportunity.


The course was for me an experience of great power, high adventure, and penetrating exploration of the full range of human emotion. Throughout I felt a sense of presence and implicit grace which allowed many of the conceptual layers of a lifetime to fall away, revealing the simple, native intelligence of the Self. What I encountered has restored an authenticity that had felt lost since childhood and marked the return of a vision which is ancient, to a world of wholeness beauty, strength.


The course offers a direct learning experience, where deeply conditioned beliefs, reactions, and images are simply looked at. One is given the rare and blessed opportunity to sit with oneself and others and look deeply. Of course, this can be amazing, a bit frightening and very enlivening. I have found parts of myself that I thought were long lost, and lost parts of myself I thought I could never let go of. In all of this, there is real possibility for a fresh looking, and a pure awareness, a return to a presence and solid ground of being that is our birthright and our blessing.


I am truly a different person than I used to be, feeling a freedom and an ability to let go that I’ve never had in my life.  I’ve been able to live the implications of that freeness and even so it is yet evolving and unfolding.


The programme that I attended five years ago changed my life. It helped me get in touch with my true self so that I was able to find the inner peace to deal with some severe personal problems. Thanks to that experience, I have really grown. I really feel connected to people, and I have been strengthened so that I can now deal with anything that comes my way. 


The most powerful work I’ve ever done. 

– KC

I seldom verbalise about the changes and feelings brought about by our course, the result of which has changed my life as it is today.  The finite list of changes, of benefits, of appreciation, is a book.  Yet I lived and live these changes.  I experienced the act of participating, of making it my course, of having the true sense of feeling “one for all”.  We became one mass of energy and light, and that feeling still lives and radiates in me and radiates outward.

– GL

The gathering has been, for me, a heartfelt, intense, reflective experience that spiralled to the essential present moment.  Sustained awareness in the Now, in a social context, yet without diversions, was a forgotten nourishment, a neglected breath.  I find the repatterining effects of the gathering to have been permanent. 

– JM



Course tuition, including shared room and all meals is £2,450.

A £450 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

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